Cell Phones will Soon Be Ringing From Telemarketers … True or False?

The information that the cell phone industry will start to utilize cell phones for telemarketing is totally FALSE. There is discussion among cell phone providers to think about creating a “411” directory in the future so that people can obtain a cell phone number similar to going to the Yellow Pages. People are feeding off this 411 proposal and trying to create fear among cell phone users and owners.

The 411 Directory is not even close to being created and if and when it does get created it will not create a cell phone marketing problem or issue.

If you still want to add your phone number to the Do NOT Call list you can, but it is definitely not necessary.

PS: SACS Consulting and Investigative Services, Inc. is a specialist company in the security field and the majority of the stories and e-mail blasts sent all over the Internet by e-mails are either false or have parts that are embellished with false facts mixed in with some true facts.

If you ever want to check out a fact ref any e-mail you get as to wether it is true or false go to the following web site and get your answer… www.snopes.com

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