Can Managers Be Held Personally Liable for Unlawful Harassment and Discrimination?

On January 13, 1999, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled that managers and supervisors may now be held personally liable, and can be sued, for unlawful harassment or discriminatory acts that violate Ohio’s anti-discrimination statute. Supervisors and managers are now at risk for their personal assets, as well as those of their employer, and to the high cost of defending civil actions as well as for punitive cash judgments against them.

To protect themselves and their business, management must implement clear policies and procedures, conduct management and supervisor training, and see to it that all policies and procedures are fairly administered.

Policies and procedures should be designed to prevent acts that cause lawsuits and, in the event a lawsuit is filed, to minimize the risk of liability for the company and its managers. Similarly, any insurance coverage for such management liabilities should be re-examined for who’s insured and the extent of coverage.

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