Can Drug Testing Be Beat?

Dilution With Water:
Simple dilution of urine with water is probably the most common form of urine adulteration. Professional collection centers test the urine specimen for “specific gravity” and “creatinine” values to detected this type of adultered urine specimen.Adulteration With Over-The-Counter Products:
Professional collection centers can test for “ph” and “creatinine” value to detect the adulteration of a urine sample with the use of products such as bleach, vinegar, Visine, sodium bicarbonate, Drano, soft drinks or hydrogen peroxide.

Adulteration With Commercially Available Adulterant Products:
Professional collection centers can test for the use of commercially available adulterants such as “UrinAid”, “Urine Luck” or “Clean Add-It”. These type of products produce “glutaraldehyde”. Glutaraldehyde is not normally in urine and detection generally indicates use of a commercial adulterant.

Other commercial products such as “Klear”, “Stealth”, “THC Free”, “Clear Choice” and “Whizzies” produce the presence of “nitrate” in the urine which is also not normally in urine and indicates adulteration.

Substituting Drug Free Urine In Place Of Tester’s Urine:
Thorough procedures in the collection process and taking temperature of urine sample immediately after void of sample can detect “packed” urine in the crotch, armpit or other areas utilized for substitution purposes.

Thorough professional collection procedures can prevent beating the test!

* This information was provided by I.E.B.T. a national corporation specializing in drug, alcohol and hair collection and testing. For further information I.E.B.T. can be reached at 1-800-628-5106.
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